Rock Slide

Brutally Lightweight Protection !!

* < 99 grams including all stainless steel mounting hardware (Included)
*  All parts Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Plate
* New tapered design provides more chain clearance for extreme chain angles
* Black anodized engraved finish
* Reversible skid plate design for single or dual chain ring cranks

Based on the success of the original design, we have tweaked the geometry for even more chain clearance while maintaining the bullet proof strength of the original. Our unique design has “keyed” locations for 28,30 and 32 tooth chain ring protection. The skid plate orientation can be reversed for optimal chain clearance (see below image for details).

Price: $69.00
All prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping cost.
Rock Slide

Rock Slide Installation Guide

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